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Level 2
New England House
New England Street

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For all quotes, information and general t-shirt printing enquiries,
please call 01273 674994 or email:


(email is best: even if we are not in the workshop, we are still able to quickly respond to emails.)

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Please arrange a time first.
We don't work 9-5!

To get to Links T-Shirts (marked by the blue dot), just find your way to New England House and we are on Level 2. Level 2 is best approached from the cul-de-sac called York Hill, which is a side street off London Road - turn left (if you are heading towards Preston Circus) at Branch Tavern. At the end of the cul-de-sac there is a loading bay (20 mins free parking) and a blue door clearly marked 'Level 2'. Please enter this door and follow the signs to our work unit.